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April 8, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order:  12:00pm          Quorum: Yes          Pledge of Allegiance: Yes         Prayer: By Dan Benson, Chaplin
Attendance: Duane Justus (Coordinator),Jack Clark (Dep. Coordinator) Monica Pine (Secretary),Karen Stewart (Treasurer), Pauline Durst (Membership Secretary),Roy Fisher (Ambassador at Large),  Mike Westmoreland (Sgt. At Arms), Dan Benson (Chaplin), Dave Cazel (Legislative), Tim Closson (Hoodoo Coordinator), Jack Clark (Hoodoo Dep. Coordinator), Dave Cazel (Kootenai Coordinator, Proxy), Belinda Wright (Kootenai Dep. Coordinator), Steve Libey (Hells Canyon Coordinator), Bob Berlinghoff (Hells Canyon Dep. Coordinator)

Guests:  James Pine, Belinda Carson, Lila Hurst, Lon Smith, and Shadow.

Approval of agenda:  Duane Justus asked to add ANI Banner, ABATE acronym, and expenses for the Bike Show and Spring Opener Meeting/Lunch to the agenda.  Mike moves to approve the agenda with additions and Jack seconds the motion.  The agenda is approved.

Roy Fisher motioned to approve the January minutes.  The motion was seconded by Steve Libey.  Minutes were approved.

Coordinator’s Report/Address:  Duane Justus- Dan Benson is moving so this will be his last ANI meeting.  Bike show booth in March.  Belinda Carson talked to Night of Artisans and Bikers against teen abuse.  We had a gift card drawing for new members.  Belinda Carson motions to reimburse Duane for the $250 gift card.  The motion was seconded by Pauline and approved.

Dep. Coordinator’s Report: Jack Clark- Focusing on Spring Opener and a newsletter.  Shadow will be helping me with the newsletter.
Secretary’s Report – Monica Pine – If you have agenda item to discuss please email me (new email)
Treasurer Report – Report available on request.

Membership Secretary’s Report –As of April 6th -Kootenai 49, Hoodoo 39, Hells Canyon 14 and State Members 7.

Ambassador at Large’s Report- - Encouraged people to get motorcycles out and ride.

Chapter Reports: Hells Canyon – Had a Valentine’s Day ride which we handed out roses. Numbers were down because of weather.   We also had a St. Patty Day ride with a dinner after we had rainy weather again.  The Easter Egg hunter had 550.

Chapter Reports: Hoodoo -   Tim Closson – Riding is down but we had a good turn out at the highway clean up.

Chapter Reports: Kootenai –   - Duane Justus- Long winter.  May 19th is the freedom run.  Our senators and Leslie Duncan will be there.
Committee Reports: Legislative – Session is closed.  State driving test increased to $25.  Distracting driving needs to be enforced.  Dave encouraged everyone to register to vote.
Old Business: Spring Opener –  Next Spring Opener meeting is May 20th at Country Lanes starting at Noon.  Discussion about giving comp tickets to non-members.  Duane motioned to give state 8 comp ticket (ASI and ICMS) and 4 comp tickets for each chapter to give to non-members.  The motion was seconded by Roy and approved.

New Business: ABATE Patches – Duane discussed ordering bigger ABATE patches.  Belinda Wright moved to have state purchase 20 patches and reimburse dollar for dollar.  The motion was seconded by Jack and passed.

New Business: Life Flight– Med Flight has increased to $50.  Belinda moved to have the state cover the $5 until members can be notified of the increase.  The motion was seconded by Jack and passed.

New Business: Sgt. At Arms – Mike Westmoreland was appointed Sgt. At Arms.

Open Forum- Facebook- First quarter focus: Getting bikes ready to ride, planning trips, spring road hazards and legislation.  Second quarter focus: Legislation, safety, fundraisers/charities.  Please send pictures, video, posters, legislative information, and anything else you would like to post to

Duane moved to adjourn.  Motion was seconded by Ken Good and passed
Adjourned at 1:42pm


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