Belinda Wright

I grew up in a small farming community south of Spokane, Washington riding my Honda 90; starting about the age of 10.  I rode mostly on gravel roads, fields, creek bottoms and scab-rock; with an occasional highway excursion.   My attire was usually shorts, halter top and no shoes; except for the highway; I tended to sport a pair of moccasins.  (Youth is wasted on the young).  I now wear protective clothing when riding my  2017 Indian Scout Sixty.  I got my first "real" job away from the farm at the age of 14 years and have worked as a bookkeeper since I was 18.  Currently I work at Lake Forest Interior Design Center (floor covering/furnishings/design) and have been their bookkeeper since 1998.  I also did some time learning Marshal Arts; holding an Advanced Blue Belt and taught Kick Box Aerobics.  These days I still do a bit of kick box; but am focusing on being a more informed citizen of this United States.  I  firmly believe that if we want our Government to make good choices for us as individuals we need to do something.  I joined ABATE in 2010 and have found my niche in making my voice known while working with our State and Federal Government. 

Deputy Coordinator
Paula Wegner

I joined ABATE after I started riding 4 years ago, I hope to help make the roads safer for this little one when she is old enough to ride, I love what I do, I’m a wife and grandma first and a nurse second. Please join us to help make the roads safer for everyone.



Correna Barnard

I am honored to be a part of a wonderful organization.  It is nice to be involved in all aspects of our rights as motorcyclist.  I have always been a passenger, but always had the desire to ride myself.  It took  until I was 52 to make that happen.  I enrolled in the Stars program to learn how to ride since I didn’t even know how to start one.  For my birthday I purchased a 250 Honda Rebel to get my feet wet.  I enjoy ridding and the freedom of the open road.  This year I will be graduating to a bigger bike.  I am a mother of three adult children and a grandma to three wonderful grandchildren who thinks its cool to have a grandma that rides motorcycles.

Membership Secretary
Belinda Carson
208 699-2389

Hi all!!  My name is Belinda Carson  AKA  "Tigger", and I ride a trike made by my Husband, Ron.  I have been an ABATE member since 2007, since my husband introduced me to the organization.  I am an active member and believe in what ABATE stands for, and I love meeting new people.  You probablly have met me at one time or another on rides or volunteering for different  events.  I do believe that ALL of us should get more involved with our communities and with our government.  We all need to keep our representatives inline with our rights and such, or we will lose those rights.  So I say to all my "brothers and sisters" out there on the road,  get involved, even if, by becoming a member of ABATE, your voice will be heard by numbers.                                 
Ride hard, ride safe.....





I stared riding in the mid 70’s on the dirt roads of Montana and continued to move up to riding street bikes. I am the Elder for Bikers for Christ the Panhandle Chapter of Idaho and Abate of North Idaho Chaplain. Come December I change to the red suit an get to be Santa, but riding is still tops.

Ambassador at Large
Keith McKinney

My first experience of riding was at the age of 7 years old on a mini bike; I progressed through the years on several different makes and models and now ride a Harley Heritage Softtail.  I love to ride.  I have served as Vice President and President of an Eagle's Aerie;  Sargent at Arms for Son's of American Legion and Vice President of Snowmobile/ATV Club.  Currently I am also ABATE of North Idaho's Face Book Administrator; as well as serving as Ambassador at Large.  I joined ABATE originally because they need numbers; I have since learned more about the laws that effect our riding and hamper our freedoms; also the need for enforcement/creation of laws that enhance our safety; and protect our freedoms.

Safety, Education Awareness
Karen Stewart

Hello, out there! Karen, I be...
ANI's State Treasurer, that's me!
I pay the bills,
it's one of my skills,
When not teaching STAR class locally!


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